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Radio Heart is an internet radio station based in Canada. We have been streaming live interactive radio since 2003. Our staff is always happy to take requests, make announcements, or relay needed information. If you would like to make a request, send a dedication or chat with the live DJs you can do so on Facebook. Being a global station we always have a staff member close by to answer questions or take requests. For those times when we do not feature a live DJ we have put together an archive of shows from years past. Radio Heart is habit forming. Our staff engage our listeners in a way that most people cant remember. Our staff are free to pick their own styles and genres but many of us just want someone else to pick the songs somedays.

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Chrome And Safari Users. Currently The HTML5 Web Support For V1 Shoutcast Is Disabled. We Will Be Upgrading To V2 Servers Very Soon. Please Click One Of The Little Icons Below Player To Download the PLS File. This Will Open In Itunes Or Other Players.

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